My Policy for Reviews

While I am new to blogging, I have been part of the book community for quite some time. I have always had a strong love for reading, and sharing my thoughts on books is not new to me.  I have just never had a place dedicated to sharing my opinions. I know with due time I will grow to be a great blogger and I can’t wait for that to happen.

I will give an honest and unbiased review for any book I receive. I do not base my opinions on the author or publisher of a book. I will write my review based on how I feel, may that be positive or negative. I will not censor my thoughts in my reviews, I will be completely honest.

If you consider me for an ARC of a book/wish for me to review a book, thank you! While I do prefer physical copies of books, I will accept both eARCs and physical ARCs. If the book has already been published I will accept physical or ebook form as well.

I usually read a book within a few days but sometimes it can take me a week or two depending on my schedule seeing as I am full time student.  I will try my best to post a review as quickly as I can.

I am open to reading anything, but I do have genres I prefer.

Young Adult – Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Paranormal, Fiction.
New Adult – Same as above but with Mystery, and Thriller thrown into the mix.

You may reach me at my email:
For other ways of contacting me, you can find those here!

Thank you for your time!