Review: Reign of Mist! #MistPH Blog Tour

Reign of Mist header (large)

“We’re not all born equal in strength and agility, but a mind can be as sharp as any blade if you know how to wield it.”

Edition: Digital Advance Copy

Published: September 13th, 2018 by Talem Press

Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult

Pages: N/A

Goodreads Rating: 4.73/5 stars

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Last year Helen reached out to me to possibly read and review her book Heart of Mist, which I gladly accepted. After reading the first book in the Oremere Chronicles (you would think I would know how to spell Oremere by now but nope, I don’t. Have to check every time) I fell in love with the story, I just couldn’t wait to read more. It was so hard to think about how I had to wait another year to read more of Bleak’s story. So I am happy to be taking part in the #MistPh Blog Tour to have an early chance to dive back into the Oremere world! Thank you The Bookshelf Bitch and Helen for allowing me to take part. If you would like to read my review of Heart of Mist from last year you can do so here! If you haven’t and you want to read Heart of Mist for yourself you can go to Amazon right now and get a kindle version for $0.99 while it’s on sale. It’s a total steal for such an amazing book and you’re supporting an indie author by doing so!

Are we really surprised I love this book so much? I mean within the first few chapters we get Bleak saving a mythical creature with a follow up of a dozen sled dogs, can it get any better than that? The answer is yes, and it does!

We follow Bleak as she starts her journey with a bit of a.. rough start I would say. While it starts off rocky she finds herself in a land that contains answers to her past. This realm of magic isn’t just filled with answers for Bleak, it holds many uncertainties with a false queen and rebel movement residing in the land.

Along with following Bleak we see some Henri, Swinton, and Dash as they all make their ways through their own journeys and paths. Commander Swinton, he’s growing on me! I didn’t care for him much in Heart of Mist but after this book, he’s slowly making his way up the ladder. Dash and Henry as always, have a place in my heart. In the first book, I had an issue with all the POV changes because I like focusing on the protagonist but it works so well in this world. It just brings the whole thing together.

As I stated in my {review} of Heart of Mist the. woman. in. power. I love it. I’m so over this “guy saves the girl” storyline, GIVE ME THE FEMALE SAVES THE WORLD PLOT. *slams table on fist* In these first two books I get exactly that and I think that’s what makes me love this story so much more? Could also be the LGBT+ rep, who knows who knows. (I do and it is both of them.) I will continue to advocate for both of these things in YA books so thank you, Helen, for writing it in your mystical world of magic.

While on the note of the woman in power, I’m also quite over female protagonist in YA fantasy having their journey basically taken over by a romance. Don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for that type of fantasy every so often but why does it have to be every single one? I’m so happy that Bleak doesn’t have a major love interest and it’s mostly just focused on her journey and her friendships. So if you are looking for a good fantasy book that just focuses on the story with some strong friendships, then look no further- this is the series for you.

I could go on forever but all in all, Helen has a talent for creating a beautiful world that submerges you into the realms of fantasy and magic, she continues to amaze me with her way of words and her world building! I cannot wait for book three and I hope everyone feels the same way. Once I receive a link to purchase Reign of Mist I will make sure to share it with everyone so you can go ahead and order it. Not only will you get an amazing book you will be supporting a wonderful indie artist so definitely check out Heart of Mist if you haven’t and order Reign of Mist when it is published! 

While you wait for the link to buy Reign of Mist make sure to add it to your Goodreads To Be Read list and buy Heart of Mist here! As an added bonus if you join the #MistPH twitter chat on September 10th at 9 am EST/6 am PST there is a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift voucher, exclusive prequels and more. So make sure to join in!


Review is subject to change at any point in time after posting.


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